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Educação Já Caravans – Rio Grande do Sul

10/11/2022 | Reading time: < 1 minute
We continue traveling Brazil talking to managers with the aim of inserting Education as a priority in this year’s political debate with Educação Já Caravans. LEARN MORE ABOUT EDUCAÇÃO JÁ CARAVANS In Rio Grande do Sul, we met with Ranolfo Vieira Jr, governor; Ricardo Jobim and Eduardo Leite, pre-candidates for the state government; Beto Fantinel

Educação Já Caravans – Curitiba (PR)

10/11/2022 | Reading time: 2 minutes
A few months before the 2022 elections, inserting Basic Education on the political agenda must be an urgency for the whole of society. That’s why we continued our trip through Brazil, with Educação Já Caravans, to Paraná. We show the document Educação Já to future public managers and highlight what can be done so that

Educação Já Caravans – São Paulo (SP)

10/11/2022 | Reading time: < 1 minute
In an election year, especially one as important as this one, it is essential to know what your candidate’s priorities are. That’s why Todos is touring Brazil with the Educação Já Caravans to make sure that Education will be at the top of the list! LEARN MORE ABOUT EDUCAÇÃO JÁ CARAVANS In São Paulo, in

Educação Já Caravans – Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

10/11/2022 | Reading time: 2 minutes
The capital of Rio de Janeiro was the third place chosen to receive the Educação Já Caravans. In an election year like this, in addition to being extremely important to demand from our future and current managers the due attention to quality Basic Education, it is also necessary to mobilize the largest number of people

Educação Já Caravans – Vitória (ES)

10/11/2022 | Reading time: 2 minutes
We started the Educação Já Caravans with the right foot in Espírito Santo, the first destination chosen to be mobilized in favor of Education. We landed in the capital Vitória with great desire to put the Public Basic Education agenda in evidence in the state, after all, this is the objective of the Caravans: to

Educação Já Caravans – Minas Gerais (MG)

10/11/2022 | Reading time: < 1 minute
We continue with our objective of inserting Education in this year’s political agenda, and we arrived in Belo Horizonte prepared to put this plan into action! Minas Gerais was one of the places chosen to mobilize managers, politicians and the population in favor of quality Basic Education as a rule in Brazil. LEARN MORE ABOUT

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