What we do

We work to improve the formulation and implementation of structuring educational policies.

Through a series of actions, we propose and advocate for public education policies that ensure equal learning and opportunities for Brazilian children and youth. Want to see our work in practice and its impact? Check out this video on how we performed according to the bigger, better, and fairer new FUNDEB.

The 5 goals for education

The 5 goals of Todos were proposed when the organization was founded and aim to monitor the evolution of educational indicators in five themes. Since then, we have monitored and disseminated the indicators related to these thematic components, through studies and by assessing educational data.

5 goals

Why Todos

The Education We Believe

Todos is Portuguese for All. We work for public and quality basic schools for everyone, absolutely ALL. That is what will ensure equal opportunities for all Brazilians and will, in fact, change Brazil for the better.

Advocacy for education

You know that feeling that things in the world are not going well, whether it's social inequality, peace, justice, health, or the preservation of the environment? When dissatisfaction becomes action, that's advocacy! Thus, advocacy means acting in favor of a cause and for change. In other words, when a person or organization works to ensure that the government fosters improvements in Public Education, we call that advocacy for Education. That's precisely what Todos Pela Educação does!


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