Educação Já: States

Brazilian education is built through the work of many people and entities. Federal, municipal and state governments have different responsibilities and a common objective: to guarantee quality education for all children and young people.

With Educação Já 2022, we contributed to the elaboration of a systemic plan for Basic Education not only nationally, but also at the state level.

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To support the governors and qualify the debate, Todos Pela Educação prepares and publishes regional monitoring.

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State Overviews

Todos Pela Educação produced 27 documents that bring together the main available data on the educational scenarios of Brazilian states.

Research with young people

In partnership with Fundação Telefônica Vivo, Instituto Natura and Instituto Sonho Grande, Todos commissioned an opinion survey with high school students from all over the country. In an unprecedented way, there is national representation and for each of the 27 Federation Units.

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Educação Já 2022 is a production that presents diagnoses and paths for Brazil to be able to guarantee quality education for all its children and young people!

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