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Educação Já Caravans – Salvador (BA)


You are already aware of the newest initiative by Todos to travel through Brazil in search of generating a great public and political mobilization in favor of Education, right? Our last destination was Bahia, and we landed in the Bahian lands full of energy to make all this happen!


We promote very important debates and conversations about quality Basic Education to achieve the goals we have for the country, and to raise the urgency of putting this in the debate of the 2022 elections. For this, we have been meeting with local politicians from all over Brazil, and in Bahia it was no different. We were with: Fabíola Mansur, president of the ALBA Education Commission; Marcelo Oliveira, Salvador’s Secretary of Education; Waldeck Ornelas and Paulo Souto, who are part of the ACM Neto Campaign Team; Jerônimo Rodrigues, pre-candidate for the government of Bahia, as well as a meeting with the Maria Emília Foundation.

We also held the Voz da Escola meeting at the Centro Juvenis da Ciência e Cultura, where we talked to students and teachers about the main educational issues in the region.

See photos of our visit to Salvador (BA)