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Educação Já Caravans – Ceará


We know the importance and relevance of managers in our country having Education as a priority in their government plans. And for that, we are traveling Brazil and talking to politicians from all Brazilian states with Educação Já Caravans.


In Ceará, we met with Izolda Cela, governor, and Eliana Estrela, state education secretary; Antônia Dalila Saldanha, Fortaleza’s Secretary of Education; Roberto Cláudio and Elmano de Freitas, candidates for state government; Alexandre Damasceno, from the team of fellow candidate Captain Wagner. We also visited the Mais Infância Ceará program team and the Regional Coordination for the Development of Education (Crede).

And to close this Caravan, we held the Voice of the School, seeking to talk to students and teachers about the main challenges and ideas of those who live the school day to day in the region. This time, the meeting was at the Comendador Miguel Gurgel Professional Education State School.

See photos of our visit to Fortaleza (CE)

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