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Educação Já Caravans: a journey to mobilize Brazil through Public Education


With elections for the presidency and state governments approaching, 2022 promises to be an eventful one. And, if we want a different Brazil, Education has to be at the center of the debate, from the bar to the TV, from the bus to the meetings of power. With that in mind, Todos Pela Educação is touring the country with the Caravans  Educação Já, a journey across all Brazilian regions to listen to and mobilize civil society and local leaders from various sectors on behalf of the cause of Public Basic Education in this decisive year.

This week, our stop is in Fortaleza, Ceará. In this and in all the other cities that we will visit, the Todos team will have conversations and exchange of reflections with the local school community, individual meetings with the main pre-candidates for the state government and mobilization of the debate with opinion makers, among journalists, businessmen and and influencers. During the meetings with pre-candidates, the representatives of Todos will present a set of educational policy proposals gathered in the document Educação Já 2022.

“This is an unprecedented initiative of political articulation and social mobilization around an issue that can no longer be left for later”, says Priscila Cruz, executive president of Todos Pela Educação, who leads the caravans alongside the executive director of Todos Pela Educação. , Olavo Nogueira Filho. She recalls that “Education Já 2022 brings a systemic agenda to contribute to the Education of the next state and federal administrations”. Olavo Nogueira Filho adds: “As a driving force for the country’s development, Public Basic Education will gain strength and quality with the ferment of the debate in the states”.

Educação Já 2022: a set of recommendations to change teaching

The document Educação Já is an initiative led by Todos, but built by many hands, with experts, educators and organizations in the educational field. The material brings detailed diagnoses and concrete solutions in ten structuring themes of Basic and Public Education that can guide the performance of elected administrations in 2022 and the country’s educational agenda in the next decade. Starting in September of last year, Todos circulated a version for debate of the agenda of proposals, in a long listening process that composed the final version of the document.



In a continental country like Brazil, advances in the nation’s development call for mobilization in municipalities and states. Therefore, to ensure an election year in which Education is not left out of the most important discussions, we need to join efforts, disseminate quality content and move our networks. Embark with us at Educação Já Caravans: share our posts on Todos Pela Educação’s social media and put the subject of Public Education in your work and day to day.

Check out all the places we are visiting

Stop 1: Vitória, Espírito Santo

Stop 2: Teresina, Piauí

Stop 3: Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

Stop 4: Goiânia, Goiás

Stop 5: Maceió, Alagoas

Stop 6: Curitiba, Paraná

Stop 7: Salvador, Bahia

Stop 8: Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais

Stop 9: São Paulo, São Paulo

Stop 10: Recife, Pernambuco

Stop 11: Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul

Stop 12: Belém, Pará

Stop 13: Fortaleza, Ceará

Stop 14: Sao Luiz, Maranhao